About Us

Consortex was established in the year 1987 in Delhi by Mr. Rajiv Rai Kumar, a Indian national. He proposed to sell his ideas & Designes and Furniture goods to the Indian market through Consortex Started in 2007 with a Business Nature of Research in Database. Today, after 3 decades, Consortex is a multi faceted company with Many branches,employees and a broad client base and represents suppliers from many other countries besides India.

Our imagination

We believe good design is good business. Our commitment to Traditional & modern design has yielded a comprehensive portfolio of furniture products, textile designing, Architecture to provide enduring value and help clients shape their workspaces with imagination and vision

Why we are different

We lead the field of urban design in a vital and rapidly developing nation, with a commitment to multilayered, contextual, and sustainable design. Our work blends history and tradition with modern technology, transforming our clients desires into sensible design solution from individuals to Government Organizations.